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Nationwide people search has been in the business before, and many others. Since 1995 we have been helping people online to locate missing people, family, friends, and conducting background and criminal checks to help people seek the truth. We also conduct employment checks (Where a person works) and bank account searches, plus assets searches. We are a former PI company that has changed to an information broker. We have access to many large record holding facilities that house public and private records plus we have skills that the normal citizen does not have to locate records. We have sold records to the local police, and even to the FBI. If you are looking for information or to locate someone then give our services a try. Many searches even come with a no find no fee.


You want to test our skills? We had located a man that changed his name to a females name to avoid being located by law enforcement. The FBI has purchased cell phone records from us in the past to catch criminals. Plus we were on the front page of USA today. We know how to locate information and records. Many of the searches we offer are a no find no fee. We have sold records to many police departments in the US as they come to us when they need records located. Check out our specials below.



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Basic criminal check only $39.99 (Does not show record details but shows if a criminal record does exsist)
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Find people with name and date of birth for only $39.99 (Nationwide search of records and we have access to records and information the cops don't even have!) No find no fee!
Name and date of birth people search

Find people by name and old address. This is a great way to locate people and we have a special on this for only $39.99. The old/past address must be no older than 15 years and we will provide you with the new current address and other records. ORDER

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You may see $1.00 or cheap searches or even free products online, but they only provide old information and the results they provide you with you could get online for free. With 16 years experience in this business we can get the the information you need and provide better results!


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